Skyraider Warbirds

Four Skyraiders at Tahkli
A-1E 132683, A-1H 135332, A-1H 139606, A-1H 139665

Photo courtesy of John Waresh

Read the amazing story about how these Skyraiders made it to Tahkli following their Escape to UTaphao written by Ralph Wetterhahn for Air and Space Magazine, Dec/Jan 1997 issue.

Listed on this page are Douglas Skyraiders that either reside in museums or are currently maintained in flyable condition. Additions and/or corrections to the information on this page are solicited. Photos of aircraft listed are wanted. Full credit to the photographer will be given. Please contact the webmaster.

The information presented on this page was extracted from the Warbirds Directory, 3rd edition and may have changed since 1996, its publication date.**

S = stored, awaiting or undergoing restoration
N = Non-flyable, restored and on static display
F = Flyable condition
? = Status unknown

Complete list of Skyraider Bureau Numbers (Serial Numbers)

 BuNo  Model  Status  Location  Civil Reg. # Displayed / Flies as... 
 09102  XBT2D-1 / XAD-1 N  On display at NAS Oceana    
 09103  XBT2D-1 / XAD-1 S  Walter Soplata Collection, Newbury, OH    
 09257  AD-1 / AD-2 F  Douglas W. Wood; Dallas, TX  N2AD  
 122811  AD-3 N  EAA Museum; Oshkosh, WI    
 123827  AD-4 F  Sanders Aviation; Troy, AL  N23827  
 124086  AD-4W (AEW.1) N  Helston Aero Park, Cornwall, UK    
 124121  AD-4W (AEW.1) N  Fleet Air Museum, RNAS Yeovilton, UK    
 124143  AD-4N F  Amicale, Jean Babtiste Salis, La Ferte-Alais  F-AZDP  "24143/RM-205/USS Saratoga"
 124156  AD-4N F  Sanders Aviation; Troy, AL  N91935  "24156/AK-404/VA-176/Intrepid"
 125716  AD-4N F  J.J. Joveux, Aulnat  F-AZFN  "12716/22-DC"
 125739  AD-4N ?  New England Air Museum; Windsor Locks, CT    
 125741   AD-4N

 Djibouti; Bordeaux     "AD-4 LP" in 1976;
SFERMA n° 86 on fin presently
 126867  AD-4W (AEW.1) F  Tillamook Air Museum; Tillamook, OR  N4277N  "Marines/RM-24"
 126882  AD-4NA F  Denver ,Colorado; Robert Heckendorf  N91945  Flys CSAR scenario at airshows
 126912  AD-4NA S  Chino, CA  N4277P  
 126922  AD-4NA F  The Fighter Collection; Duxford, UK  G-RAID  "26922/AK-402/VA-176"
 126924  AD-4NA ?  Vintage Wings; Anchorage, AK  N924JT  
 126935  AD-4NA F  Chino, CA  N2088G  
 126956  AD-4NA F  Amicale, Jean Babtiste Salis, La Ferte-Alais  F-AZDQ  "126956/RM-3"
 126959  AD-4NA F  Chino, CA  N2088V  "126959/TT"
 126965  AD-4NA F  Eric Vormezeele. Brasschaat, Belgium  OO-FOR  
 126979  AD-4NA N  Musee de l'Air; Paris-Le Bourget    "AdA No. 53/MK"
 126996  AD-4NA S  Chateaudun AB, France  N92023  
 126997  AD-4NA F  Valle Museum, AZ  N409Z  "126997 / JC409 / VA-176"
 126998  AD-4NA F  Didier Chabel, Melun-Villaroche  F-AZKY  "USN Bu 126937"
 127002  AD-4NA F  Flying Legends; Dijon-Longvic;
Salis Aviation, La Ferte-Alais
 F-AZHK  "USN 127002/G-618"
 127007  AD-4NA N  USS Yorktown Museum, Charlestown, SC    "127007 / M-505"
 127888  AD-4NA F  Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum; MI  N92034  "USN 127888/B"
 127894  AD-4NA N  SAAF Museum, Ysterplaat    
 127922  AD-4W (AEW.1) S  National Warplane Museum; Geneseo, NY  N5469Y  
 127931  AD-4W (AEW.1) S  Chino, CA  N4277L  Swedish Yellow "SE-EBM"
 127945  AD-4W (AEW.1) N  Flygvapenmuseet. Lingkoping, Sweden    Comp. with 124777/WV185
 127947  AD-4W (AEW.1) N  Luftfartsmuseet, Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden    
127949   AD-4W (AEW.1)

 Chino, CA    Swedish "SE-EBM"***
 127960  AD-4W (AEW.1) N  Svedino's Bil och Flygmuseum, Slione, Sweden  SE-EBC  SE-EBC
 132261  AD-4B S  USMC Museum, MCAS Quantico, VA    
 132443  AD-5 S  Texas Air Museum; Rio Hondo,.TX    
 132463  AD-5 N  USAF Museum; McClellan AFB, CA    "EC32463"
 132532  AD-5Q N  US Navy Armament Museum; NAS Pensacola    "Side num. 810 , Tail Code AE, 35018"


 AD-5Q S  Harry Doan; New Smyrna Beach, FL    
 132598  AD-5N (A-1G) N  Hurlburt Memorial Park, FL    "USAF 51-598"
 132649  AD-5 (A-1E) N  USAF Museum; Wright Patterson AFB, OH
Maj Bernard Fisher's Medal of Honor A-1E
 132683  AD-5 (A-1E) F  Lud J. Corrao; Carson City, NV  N39147  "AF 132683" VNAF
 132789  AD-5W (EA-1E) S  EAA Museum; Oshkosh, WI    
 135018  AD-5Q (EA-1F) S  Naval AO Museum, Pensacola, FL    "AE-810"
 135152  AD-5W (EA-1E) F  Avery's Antique Airplanes; Morgantown, NC  N452HA  "35152/HA-152"
 135178  AD-5W (EA-1E) F  Taylor Energy Co.; New Orleans, LA  N62466  "Marines 31/MR"
 135188  AD-5W (EA-1E) F  Amjet Aircraft Corp; St. Paul, MN  N188BP  
 135273  AD-6 (A-1H) ?  Walter Soplata Collection, Newbury, OH    
 135300  AD-6 (A-1H) N  US Naval Air Museum; Pensacola, FL    
 135332  AD-6 (A-1H) ?  David C. Tallichet/MARC, Chino, CA  N39148  
 137602  AD-6 (A-1H) S  NAS Lemoore, CA    "USN 35300/401"
 139606  AD-6 (A-1H) F  Museum of Flying; Santa Monica, CA (no longer there)  N39606  "USN D-606"
 139665  AD-6 (A-1H) S  Great American Aircraft; Torrence, CA  N39149  
139674   AD-6 (A-1H)

 American Atrocities Museum; Ho Chi Mihn City; Vietnam    "US Air Force 39674"
 142072*  AD-7 (A-1J)

 Royal Thai AF Museum, Don Muang AB, Thai    "142072/The Proud American"

* Not the original bureau number. This aircraft is actually a comglomeration of more than one airframe. It is the A-1 that was mounted for static diaplay at Nahkon Phanom RTAFB Thailand. Many squadrons had their group photos taken on and around this aircraft. See Group Photos at the Image Collections page of this website.

** 1996. Chapman & Goodall (ed. by Paul Coggan) Warbirds Directory 3rd Edition. Visit the Warbird Directory website. Information on this page used with permission.

*** Swedish "SE-EBM is listed in B. R. Jackson's Douglas Skyaider as being US BUNO 127949