US Navy Official Photos


The photographs on this page represent various Navy Skyraider squadrons. Help is needed to do justice to this page. (hint, hint)

(All images on this page thoughtfully contributed by Rob Mignard)

Two Douglas AD-5Ws above the USS Forrestal

"Guppies" from VAW-12 in early 1956. I joined VAW-12 in June of 1956 and our tail markings were "NE" with the old blue paint scheme. When the Suez Crisis of November 1956 occurred, I was in the VAW-12 detachment on the Forrestal's first deployment. By then, the Navy had already started conversion to the Gull Gray/White color scheme. In addition the Navy reorganized all aircraft tail markings and VAW-12's new designator became "GE". -Thanks to Speed Ritzman

K 25539, AD-5W, USS Forrestal, VAW-12

An AD-4D and an F-6F Hellcat aboard the USS Boxer

K 12883

One of the most unusual missions of the Korean War was the use of F6F Hellcat drones from GMU-90 loaded with 1,000 pound bombs. The F6Fs had remote controls and television guidance cameras, which were controlled by VC-35 AD-4D drone controllers. One AD-4D controlled the F6F on the deck and during launch. The second waited until the F6F was airborn before taking over control.

(From Douglas A-1 Skyraider by Larry Davis and Dave Menard, 1997)

This Navy A-1E shows off her colors

KKE 69162 Patrick AFB, 24 Jun 61

An A-1H from VT-30

KN 5308, VT-30

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