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If this "National Enquirer" style journalism from cnn troubles you as much as it does me, make your feelings felt to the man at the top, Mr. Tom Johnson, cnn's Newsgroup Chairman. His email address is

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21 Jul 1998

Air Force Report on Operation Tailwind (Extract)

Army Report on Operation Tailwind (Extract)

**MGen Perry Smith's appearance on the CBS Late, Late show (10 Aug 98 )**

Read the text of the cnn retraction to their own deceitful and slanderous piece.

Read the cnn attorney's report as to his findings regarding the Operation Tailwind story.

cnn's Tom Johnson, the Chairman of cnn's Newsgroup, issued a statement today (July 2, 1998) retracting their story on Tailwind. This is the text of the retraction statement as read by cnn reporter Natalie Allen. (RealAudio format - 3:01) Get RealPlayer 5 free from RealNetworks by clicking on the "Free Real Player" icon here. Once you download the program, don't forget to install it on your PC.

Following the release of this statement, Ken Bacon, a Pentagon spokesman, addressed the retraction of the Tailwind story during the question and answer portion of the Pentagon's daily news conference on 2 Jul 98. (RealAudio format 14:20)

The three "major networks" reported the cnn retraction story on their nightly news shows of 2 Jul 98:

ABC as reported by Peter Jennings (RealAudio 2:51)
CBS as reported by a standin for Dan Rather (RealAudio 1:35)
NBC as reported by Tom Brokaw (RealAudio 2:07)

cnn Transcripts of shows that aired on 2 Jul 98, the day of the retraction
(NOTE: these transcripts no longer available on the cnn website)

Talkback Live - Floyd Abrams is interviewed following the announcement by cnn that it was retracting the Tailwind story.
Special Event - Ken Bacon (Pentagon spokesman) reacts to the Tailwind story retraction (RealAudio above)
World Today - "cnn & TIME" Retraction is the Latest Black Eye for Mainstream Journalism (note that they claim that the retraction, not the airing of a BS story, was the black eye. I guess it's not a crime unless you get caught!)
Inside Politics - News Media Experts Analyze cnn's Retraction

cnn Transcripts of shows that aired on 3 Jul 98:

Early Edition Tailwind Retraction: Rudi Gresham Discusses the Impact Aired July 3, 1998 - 7:17 a.m. ET

cnn Transcripts of shows that aired on 4 Jul 98:

Saturday Morning News Clyde Sincere Discusses cnn's Retraction of Tailwind Story Aired July 4, 1998 - 8:12 a.m. ET

Reliable Sources cnn Retracts "NEWSSTAND" Nerve Gas Story, Fires Two Producers and Reprimands Correspondent, but Should the Story Ever Have Been Aired? Aired July 4, 1998 - 6:30 p.m. ET

cnn Transcripts of shows that aired on 5 Jul 98:

NewsStand cnn began this weeks NewsStand program with a discussion of the retraction of the Tailwind Story Aired July 5, 1998 - 10:00 p.m. ET (This show also airs on Monday nights, 10:00 pm EDT)

cnn Transcripts of shows that aired on 6 Jul 98:

CrossFire Two fired producers still believe in their story Aired July 6, 1998 - 7:30 p.m. ET

NPR - 6 Jul 98 (RealAudio file)[these are digital audio, not text transcripts]

Charlie Rose Show Charlie Rose's guests are April Oliver and Jack Smith, both fired by cnn, Jonathan Alter of Newsweek and NBC, and Floyd Abrams who issued the report that led to the retraction of the Tailwind Story by cnn. Aired July 6, 1998 - 11:00 p.m. ET (RealAudio format 36:53)

Charlie Rose Show MGen Smith was a guest in the final segment of the 6 July 98 Charlie Rose show. He did not appear in unison with the preceding guests. Aired July 6, 1998 - 11:00 p.m. ET (RealAudio format 16:08)

CBS - 10 Aug 98 (RealAudio file)

Late, Late Show USAF Ret. Major General Perry Smith appeared as one of Tom Snyder's guests via satellite from Augusta, GA. The audio portion of that show appears here.

 10 Jun 98  Richmond Times Dispatch  Moorer: Heard Sarin Rumors
  9 Jun 98  Fayetville Observer Times  Special Forces Vets Deny Nerve Gas Claims
 11 Jun 98  Fort Walton Beach Paper  Special Ops Vets: Sarin Never Used
 12 Jun 98  WorldNet Daily  cnn's deceitful Vietnam expose
 14 Jun 98  Baltimore Sun  Allegation that U.S. used sarin gas in Vietnam sparks investigation
 14 Jun 98  Bangkok Post  The sarin story and the burden of proof
 15 Jun 98  Newsweek Magazine  Questioning a report that the U.S. used sarin gas during Vietnam
 16 Jun 98  WorldNet Daily  cnn military adviser resigns over 'Tailwind'
 17 Jun 98  Washington Post  Military Analyst Quits cnn After Nerve Gas Report
 17 Jun 98  Washington Times  Commandos Reject Report of Vietnam-era Sarin Attack
 17 Jun 98  AP News  cnn's Top Military Analyst Quits
 18 Jun 98  WorldNet Daily  cnn Threatens Former Military Advisor
 18 Jun 98  Washington Times  Defending America - cnn and Time Need to Retake Journalism 101
 18 Jun 98  Washington Times  Dispelling the Vietnam vapors
 19 Jun 98  Washington Times  Vietnam: the way it wasn't
 19 Jun 98  New York Post Online  Blame this on Hanoi Jane
 21 Jun 98  San Diego Union Tribune  cnn's dubious tale of nerve gas and defectors
 21 Jun 98  New Orleans Times Picayune  Metarie War Pilot Disputes Report
 22 Jun 98 New York Times Time Orders Investigation on Accuracy of cnn Report
 22 Jun 98  Time Magazine  Time investigates cnn Story
 22 Jun 98  Washington Weekly  The "Tailwind" Story - Cooking the news with gas
 23 Jun 98  WorldNet Daily  Readers reaction cnn Tailwind story
 23 Jun 98   San Diego Union Tribune  Time, cnn to investigate accuracy of their nerve-gas reports
23 Jun 98 Washington Times Source for sarin story not there, ex-GI says
24 Jun 98 WorldNet Daily  cnn, Time and Journalism 101
 24 Jun 98  Accuracy in Media Press Release regarding cnn's response to AIM Letter
 24 Jun 98  Washington Times  Ex-Army medic rebuts cnn, says tear gas, not sarin used
 25 Jun 98  Washington Times  Reputed source shies from cnn-Time's sarin gas story
 25 Jun 98  Washington Times  Valley of the poison pen
 25 Jun 98  New York Times  Some nerve
 25 Jun 98  Washington Post  cnn hires lawyer Floyd Abrams (no longer available free)
 26 Jun 98  Washington Times  Another conspiracy? This time at cnn
 26 Jun 98  Washington Times  'NewsStand Commando' a 'short-timer' far from Laos Raid
 27 Jun 98  New York Times  Ex-Officer Disputes Parts of cnn Nerve-Gas Story
 27 Jun 98  Washington Times  Commando Groups Demand Retraction from cnn-Time
 28 Jun 98  San Diego Union Tribune  Truth and Integrity
 28 Jun 98  New York Times  Memories of Wars Never Fought
 29 Jun 98  WorldNet Daily  Heroes and Dirtbags
 29 Jun 98  Washington Weekly  cnns Big Lie
 29 Jun 98  Washington Post  Outbreak of fiction is alarming news
 30 Jun 98  Raleigh News & Observer  A wartale touches a nerve
 2 Jul 98  WorldNet Daily  cnn's Tailwind latest in series of media embarrassments
 3 Jul 98  WorldNet Daily  cnn Retracts Allegations Of Nerve Gas Use by U.S.
 3 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  cnn exec says story retraction is 'devastating'
 3 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Quick reaction may minimize cnn fallout
 3 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Fallout includes three departures
 3 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Who's Who in the "Valley of Death" story
 3 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Attorneys study 'Valley of Death' basis
5 Jul 98  Reuters cnn's Kaplan issues retraction, apology
 5 Jul 98  Fox News  Time magazine formalizes apology for nerve-gas story
 5 Jul 98  ABC News  cnn Producer: I Was Slandered
 5 Jul 98  ABC News - This Week  cnn's Retracted Nerve Gas Story
 6 Jul 98  Washington Weekly  cnn and Time retract Tailwind story
 6 Jul 98  Washington Times  Time follows cnn's apology
 7 Jul 98  Washington Post  cnn Staffers Wait for the Other Shoe To Drop
 7 Jul 98  Washington Post  Too Severe at cnn
 8 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AP)  cnn Exec Says He Tried To Resign
 8 Jul 98  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Tailwind controversy still rages at cnn
 9 Jul 98  Washington Post  Arnett Saves His Job in Nerve Gas Story Flap
 9 Jul 98  Forbes Digital Tool  Humbled by the Internet
 9 Jul 98  Philadelphia Inquirer  A battle for truth by Tom Stump, Skyraider pilot
 10 Jul 98  Washington Post  Turner apologizes for flawed report
 11 Jul 98  WorldNet Daily  Arnett more than newsreader
 12 Jul 98  Richmond Times Dispatch  cnn/Time/Sarin Demonstrates (Again) Prevailing Ideological Skew
 12 Jul 98  Washington Post  I Produced That Program -- And Was Fired (by April Oliver)
 13 Jul 98  Washington Post  How Lies See the Light of Day
 13 Jul 98  Washington Weekly  The media in disarray
 15 Jul 98  Cartoonery  cnn
 20 Jul 98  Washington Weekly  The rise of the new media
 22 Jul 98  WorldNet Daily  peter arnett: American true and blue?


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